University Regulations

University Reservation of Rights

The University reserves the right, with or without prior notice, to change requirements, rules, programs, policies, tuition, and fees whenever, in the University’s judgment, such changes are warranted. This includes but is not limited to, changes to the form, location, and mode of instruction and changes to the academic calendar.  Such changes shall go into force at the time specified by the University, and the University will provide advance notice of such changes when practicable.  The University assumes no liability for any changes it determines are warranted. The University may, in its sole discretion, refund tuition or fees in whole or part, on account of any changes the University determines are warranted, but it is not required to make any such refunds.

University Policy on Equal Opportunity

The George Washington University does not unlawfully discriminate against any person on any basis prohibited by federal law, the District of Columbia Human Rights Act, or other applicable law, including without limitation, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression. This policy covers all programs, services, policies, and procedures of the University, including admission to educational programs and employment.

Inquiries concerning this policy and federal and local laws and regulations concerning discrimination in education and employment programs and activities may be directed to the University’s Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Employee Relations (EEO/ER):

2033 K Street, NW, Suite 205
Washington, DC 20052

Questions regarding protections against discrimination on the basis of sex may be directed to the University’s Title IX Coordinator, the Vice Provost for Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement:

812 20th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20052

Inquiries also may be directed to the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or the applicable state or local agency (for example, the DC Office of Human Rights).

To request disability accommodations, students should contact the Office of Disability Support Services at (202) 994-8250 or [email protected]. Employees and other members of the university community should contact the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Employee Relations at (202) 994-9656 or [email protected].

University Policy on the Release of Student Information

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) applies to institutional policies governing access to and release of student education records.

The University may release the following directory information upon request: name, local address, telephone number, and e-mail address; name and address of emergency contact; dates of attendance; school or division of enrollment; field of study; enrollment status; credit hours earned; degrees earned; honors received; participation in University-recognized organizations and activities (including intercollegiate athletics); and height, weight, and age of members of athletic teams, as well as likenesses used in University publications. A student who does not wish such directory information released must file written notice to this effect in the Office of the Registrar.

For information on the University policies please visit our Student Rights & Responsibilities website.

Policy Regarding Students Called to Active Military Duty

Any student who is a member of a military reserve unit or the National Guard and is activated or called to active duty early in a semester or summer session automatically will be entitled to a full refund of all tuition and fees that they have paid toward the expenses of that academic term. If the notification of the call to active duty comes after the mid-term examinations or after other substantial graded work has been completed, the student will have the option of either taking a full refund of tuition and fees or taking an Incomplete in their courses with the privilege of returning to complete all required course work at some future date without payment of any further tuition and fee charges. It is the responsibility of the student to present evidence of their activation to the Office of Student Accounts and to request the appropriate refund.

Should a degree student called up for active duty find it necessary to interrupt active pursuit of the degree, they may petition the dean for a leave of absence for a specified period of time, generally limited to one calendar year. Deans are encouraged to grant any request to extend the leave of absence for longer than the customary period should military service require an absence of more than one year.

All students on active duty will be automatically exempted from the request for a $50 voluntary library contribution without requiring any communication from them or their initials on the bill.

Right to Change Rules and Programs

The University and its schools and divisions reserve the right to modify or change requirements, rules, and fees. Such regulations shall go into force whenever the proper authorities may determine. The right is reserved by the University to make changes in programs without notice whenever circumstances warrant such changes.

Right to Dismiss Students

If a student knowingly makes a false statement or conceals material information on an application for admission, registration form, or any other University document, the student’s registration may be canceled and the student will be ineligible (except by special action of the faculty) for subsequent registration.

The right is reserved by the University to dismiss or exclude any student from the University or from any class or classes whenever, in the interest of the student or the University, the University Administration deems it advisable.

For example, a law student or any student enrolled in law courses may be excluded from further study for felony convictions that occur at any stage during the pursuit of a degree. A student under criminal indictment may be placed on leave of absence pending resolution of the matter. Students may be excluded when their behavior on or off University premises indicates a serious and substantial danger to themselves or others. Students with medical or mental health conditions that pose a serious risk to themselves or others may be excluded from study. The law school reserves the right to invoke the University’s Mandatory Medical Withdrawal Policy to address such matters.

Property Responsibility

The University is not responsible for the loss of personal property. A Lost and Found Office is maintained on campus in the University Police Department.

Student Conduct

All students upon enrolling and while attending the George Washington University are subject to the provisions of the Guide to Student Rights and Responsibilities, which outlines student freedoms and responsibilities of conduct, including the Code of Student Conduct, and other policies and regulations as adopted and promulgated by appropriate University authorities. Copies of these documents may be obtained at the Office of Judicial Affairs. Sanctions for violation of these regulations may include permanent expulsion from the University, which may make enrollment in another college or university difficult. Regulations or requirements applicable only to a particular program, facility, or class of students may not be published generally, but such regulations or requirements shall be published in a manner reasonably calculated to inform affected students.

Students who are charged with violations of the Code of Student Conduct, whether they are found responsible for such charges and/or sanctions apply, must report any and all charges and their disposition to state bar examiners if so required on the bar application form. The law school will similarly report any charges or sanctions to state bar examiners when the bar certification form requires such a disclosure.