Course Descriptions

The courses of instruction are described below. The number of hours of credit given for the satisfactory completion of a course is indicated in parentheses after the name of the course. Thus, an academic-year course with two hours of credit each semester is marked (2–2) and a semester course with two hours of credit is marked (2). Some courses are offered for variable credit hours and are marked (2 or 3) or (3 or 4). Each semester’s class schedule will indicate the number of hours for which the course is being offered.

The method by which students will be evaluated in the course is indicated at the end of each course description.

Students should always consult the instructor’s course syllabus to confirm the method of evaluation and related details, particularly when more than one instructor is indicated in the course description. Not all courses are offered each year. Students should consult the schedule of classes to determine whether a course is offered in any given semester or summer session.